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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Navya Sreya, and I'm the brain behind this website! As of 2020, I am in year 5 of the MYP-IB program, and this year we had to make our personal project, A project where we display and develop our skills while doing the thing we love. This website is my personal project, It is a culmination of the things I stand for, most importantly equality of representation.

My inspiration for this website came from an essay by Michele Norris titled "Why the future should be female", published by the National Geographic website, The essay speaks about how the power of equality can change the identities of billions and its impact on our relationships to society. The goal of this website is to display remarkable stories of women and give them a place to be showcased, The project was based upon 2 of the UN's sustainable goals, GOAL 5: Gender Equality and GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality.

The past has been defined by females that we might have not known about, but the future is female, Nobody should be overshadowed by the existence of inequality, If we do our part and take responsibility, we will create a sustainable world for generations to come.

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