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Why reading about these women is important.

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Hello dear reader,

You might be wondering as to why you need to acknowledge these women and read about their stories, you might also wonder why you are here but let me tell you why, you are being a person with an open mind, reading stories about women that you might not have heard before, women that you have to thank for your everyday life. If you look across all the different women, then you will notice a common theme of under-representation and deprivation of credit. The conditions women have faced for us, to have a better life today, are all extremely mind-boggling things, from flying planes to being spies, and also finding out how we have evolved over the years.

Under-representation hit like a rock on society's identity and relationships; as seen in recent trends, the more women are represented, identity grows and develops for a more sustainable future. The Identity of women in many societies have altered over the years, the future's female, and there was no stopping that; we all have to embrace our past and also make sure that this never happens in the future, we should give everyone the chance of equality and give them their due representation and credit. It is essential that we read about these women because we have to make their legacy live on, we cannot forget this moment, instead, we should Blossom their stories, and most importantly we have to give them the credit for their stories.

Have fun reading about these women readers, because it's unlikely you are going to forget about them.

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